About Learning Spurt

What would you do if you found the answer to a huge problem? Only, the solution was not widely known. 

That's what happened to our founders—Lauren and Clarke Bishop.

Learning Spurt - Lauren and Clarke Bishop - Alpharetta, GA

About You

We were shocked to discover that 15 million American kids struggle to learn. The costs are high:

  • Lower self esteem because they can’t keep up with their classmates
    (Kids think, “I must be dumb”).
  • Bright kids learn to hate school and end up with a smaller, less fulfilling life.
  • Family stress. Homework takes forever or just doesn’t get done.
    (Mom spends too much time trying to help with homework, and Dad just says the kid is lazy.)
  • Frustration and guilt

Learning struggles are caused by missing or inefficient fundamental learning skills. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are all basic academic skills. When children start school, their teachers assume they have the needed fundamental abilities—too often, it's not true.

Once you eliminate or significantly improve the fundamental learning skills, academic learning becomes much easier. That's the formula to create confident, comfortable, independent learners.

Ignore the problem and hope it gets better? The fundamental learning gaps will keep causing learning struggles, and will get worse over time.

About Learning Spurt

Lauren is a geological scientist. Clarke is an engineer and businessman.

We’re going to end learning struggles. It’s time.